When I was about 15 years old I helped my family in their office for about 2 years. Starting at age 18 I really got into social media. I became a music promotor for several companies in a couple states. That is also when I started to get more education on micro-influencers and sales. I did this until about December 2017. Than I started my own website BossPrincess101 (link to the site). I have successfully ran that website and made many sales with affiliating marketing, writing content etc. Companies really liked my work from my mom blog and asked me to help them with their online marketing. So that is how I became a VA today!

Although I am capable of doing multiple different tasks, I can say I specialize as a social media manager/marketing and creating written content.

I am happy to work with clients and communicate with them in the way that best suits them. I can communicate with email, Facebooks messenger, Phone (text or call), Skype, WhatsApp, or whatever else method there is to use.

Regrettably, this has happened to me and while it is in embarrassing I would come back to you for clarification.

I try very hard to understand deadlines so that I can priorities work. However, from time to time things happen which mean I can’t meet a deadline. This is something I do all I can to avoid but if thought it might happen I would let you know as soon as possible. I  would still try to meet the deadline or alternatively, agree a new deadline that is achievable.

The first thing I would do is let you know, particularly if it was going to have an impact on your tasks. I do have backups and also use iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive so I should be well protected. There are also many recourses I am able to go to, to use their internet.

Once I agree to work with a client, ideally, I would like to meet with them – either in person or virtually. At this meeting we would hope to discover all the nuances of the business.  Once I have that in place I would prefer to work with you for a couple of months and then have a further progress meeting to see what can be improved and to build our understanding.

Currently I use Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, Whatsapp, ASANA, Trello, Canva, all Google programs, and there are several more that I know how to use but I do not use consistently. I am also always learning a new program, or willing to learn something.

Usually within a couple hours or almost immediately. The longest period if 24 hours.

I usually work Mon-Fri and occasionally on Saturday’s. I do not work on Sunday’s.

I have monthly packages, and I can charge per hour or per task. Depending on what the task is that you need done there might be a retainer fee on top of what you already need done. This is something we need to discuss. I am always up front about the payment arrangement. As a business owner I know sometimes investing back into your business can get pricey, that is why I am also willing to work with people on a lower budget. Please just talk to me about this. I am all ears! 😉

Currently I am doing it by the old fashion way with hand writing all of my time, and keeping track of my time with my clock. I am always willing to screen shot my hours to send to you. Most of the time I write down less than what I really worked because that is how much I appreciate you as a client. But soon I am going to start keeping track on a program online.

You will pay me through PayPal unless discussed otherwise.

You are welcome to stop services with me whenever. However, once you pay, there is no returning the money. I will be happy to finish my work with you as we agreed and then I am happy to call it quits. No hard feelings!

I am open to bring in interns, however we would need to talk about this first. This is also something I would need to go over with, with my clients.